Friday, June 11, 2010

We're Not Dead!

So, I apologize.  It's been 426 days since our last post.  I know it's the middle of summer (though here in north Idaho it certainly doesn't feel that way), but I'll try to recap this last year for you in a few pictures.  I promise that this next season (Coach Jerry's 15th!!!) will be much more publicly shared.  Anyways, to the pictures!

 Here's the design of this year's t-shirts!
 Who let the WSU kids into our shop to build all of our new gates?!
Here's Assistant Coach/Resident Hippie Josh at the coaching clinic he and Assistant Coach Anna went to at Big Sky, MT.
A few of the team riding the lifts at Brundage during training camp.
Men's racing extrordinaire Drew getting top 5 in our last slalom of the a Teletubby!
Here's our little Peanut (Erik) flying down the course.
Poor Assistant Coach Tyler had a rough day; tore 6 binding screws out of his skis freeskiing.  Should never let your face break your fall, T-Mart!
Phil and Lydia relaxing on the slopes.
New El Presidente DW teaching those gates a lesson.  A lesson they'll never forget.
Here's Josh during a freeskiing day, showing how we're not just a bunch of racers.
And finally, here's a picture that kind-of captured the 2010 season as a whole.  Let's hope 2011 brings some flurries!

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Marcus said...

Ok, so maybe I'm a little blind, but, I just notice the snowboarder being one evolutionary step above apes!