Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mass Post Time Number 3!

Now for some awesome pics (courtesy of our intrepid Assistant Coach, Anna Schwisow) from our annihilation of the competition at our GS at Silver Mountain, ID. Picky readers will notice that I didn't post pics from our win (yes, a WIN) at Willamette, OR the week prior. That's because Willamette was foggy and cold and generally crappy so I didn't take any pictures. So, um, sorry? Anyways, enjoy!

Here's Chris Currie slipping gently into his boots.

The Pornstar suit lives on!

Graham decided he'd be faster if he lost that extra weight of his outside ski...

Peanut and Her Majesty the Seal Clubber (Erik Anderson and Jess Stewart) at the top.

Points Leader and all-around badass Peanut.

Jerry is so majestic.

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